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Demerits. Losing notes and books. Missing deadlines. Sounds familiar? Don’t get frustrated and discouraged. Try KICSTM.
At KICSTM, we are not afraid to challenge traditional educational methods. Our products are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Choose your flavor:

Our students learn dynamic tips to handle every assignment more skillfully.

Target: M1 or Year 7 levels and up

Refuels our graduates.  We’ll get you back on track in two hours!

Whether you are on the go, live abroad or prefer 1:1 private sessions, Coach Angela is accessible.  These sessions are conducted via ZOOM.

Students learn how to put their swag into action!

Coach Angela is available to share her wisdom, tips and encouragement for “lunch and learns”, PTSAs and private functions.

Angela at Berkeley

Guest Speaker, The Berkeley Institute’s Annual
Founders Day, October 2018

KICSTM Delivers Results