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“KICSTM is an awesome program! As a middle school teacher, I highly recommend it for your family.”

Jennifer Godwin, Educator

KICSTM  Refresher Workshop

Date: Sept 25, 2021

Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm

Venue: Nineteen Queen

Price: $80 per student

Maximum Class size: 10 students

Registration Deadline: Sept 18, 2021 at 5:00pm

What is the KICSTM Note-taking & Studying Strategies Workshop?

Strengthen your note-taking and studying skills this academic year with KICSTM. Give us 90 minutes for six sessions and we’ll give you dynamic strategies and tips to help you handle every assignment and test more skilfully. No more scratching your head or staring into space because you are unsure of where to begin. Instead, you’ll be able to tackle your homework and tests with more control and focus—on your own!

Our exciting KICSTM Workshop: Note-taking & Studying Strategies will run for six sessions in total. These dynamic sessions are geared for M1 or Year 7 students and up. To date, over 275 students and 165 parents, comprising of Bermuda’s private and public schools, have completed this program since our first KICSTM Workshop in July 2014.

In light of COVID-19, we have reduced our class size to 10 students. Mom and Dad, you are invited to accompany your child to the sessions. Research has shown that such partnerships increases the child’s mastery. Social distancing guidelines will also be adhered to. Hand sanitizers and wipes will be available. Head temperature checks will be conducted at the beginning of each session.

This is our most sought-after workshop. Act fast to save your spot! Full payment is required at time of registration to secure your enrolment. Registration fees are non-refundable. Cash or online payments only.

Workshop Outline

Our KICSTM Workshop:
Note-taking & Studying Strategies covers an array of topics.
A KICSTM Workshop is like no other! We’re not just presenting theories–but real-life experiences too. And, that’s the KICSTM difference!


Parent Involvement

Time Management


Filing systems

Digital Solutions

Study Skills

Life Application

Rewards & Distractions to Learning

collage of KICS students

KICSTM  “Saturday” Workshop: Note-taking & Studying Strategies

New schedule to be announced


KICSTM  Digital Note-taking Workshop

Since COVID-19, classroom learning has changed dramatically. Parents, you talked and we heard you. As always, KICSTM is bringing you what you need: KICSTM Digital Note-taking Workshop.

Facilitator: Kameron Young, Queen Mary University of London, Biomedical Engineering Student

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